Friday, September 10, 2010

Durham, North Carolina - The Green Room

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I'm back in North Carolina, staying in the Raleigh area for work for a couple of weeks. I like staying here, in part because there is a cool little pool hall/bar right next to the hotel I usually stay at, called Hotshots.  I will be writing about this place more some other time - this time I wanted to talk about an interesting poolroom in Durham.  I was shooting over at Hotshots (getting spanked at 8-ball by an APA 7)  and asking around about the different action spots in the area.  I was told about a place called "The Green Room" in Durham.  Supposedly tons of action, storied pool hall with great people - so I drove out there last night, which was a thursday.  About 30min drive from the hotel, not too bad.
When I saw the sign on the door, I knew I was gonna dig this place:
The sign on the door of the Green Room

Not much was going on, but there were a couple people there.  I was invited to play a game of chess, and was happy to oblige, as I hadn't played in FOREVER.  I did well, 2-0 !  I wound up not shooting any pool, but I did take a few pictures of the place, which had indeed a nice atmosphere, a piano, a pinball machine, shuffleboard, and darts.
Bar area - really nice beer selection

Shuffleboard! Don't see these around much anymore..

Piano, pinball, pool.  Nothing else needed.

Ghosts of past racks - wish I would have worked harder at getting this pic right.

Interesting seating

Alex, my opponent at chess
I didn't stay too long, needed to be early at work the next day.  Nice atmosphere, very friendly people, but not much pool going on, and no action that I could tell.
Have you been to this place?  Should I go back and check it out maybe on a different day of the week?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. The ghosts are awesome. Ouverture fermée vs ouverture ouverte? Must have been an interesting chess game...

  2. Well he opened both games by trying to get his queen out as fast as possible. It's pretty easy to defend against.

  3. Try going on a wednesday night. It's league night, and that's when a lot of regulars and more serious locals will be there. often, the place doesn't get busy until after 10pm.