Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pool Sushi

Weird idea after getting out of work at 9pm yesterday...

There is a place right by the hotel here in Cary, NC that has really good sushi :

107 Edinburgh South Drive
Cary, NC 27511-6452
(919) 460-7980

This place is always reallllllly good.  But this time I had something different in mind...
I went to Hotshots Billiards, which is right next door, and asked for a rack of balls for 2 minutes.  I took a picture of a nine-ball rack and headed straight for the restaurant.  Not much was going on there (perfect!! Now they have nothing better to do than cater to my frivolous requests!).

I showed them the picture of the rack of the nine-ball rack and asked if they could make me a sushi plate of some sort that would look like it.

These were apparently not the most creative/adventurous sushi chefs.  After I insisted for a while, they finally wound up just saying they couldn't do it.
So I went through the A-la-carte sushi menu and started ticking off the most colorful sushis (sushies? Shushii?) that I could find.  Finally, one of the chefs started to participate and helped me pick them.  He even went and found a green "background" to simulate the felt.

Yes, it was delicious.

1- Sea urchin
2- No blue edible materials were found.  So I picked white tuna because I like it
3- Red Tobiko
4- No purple edible material found - picked tuna because it was fresh and tasty (could have used ginger for TV pink!!!)
5- Masago
6- Green Tobiko
7- Ikura
8- Well, it has kinda sort of black stripes.... Mackerel
9- Omelet

Here is the result...  Okay I guess.  But now, every sushi place I go to will be asked if they can do it better.
Tell me about your own poolsushi experience in the comments!