Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yinz play any one-pocket?

Breaker's Billiards and Lounge - Pittsburgh, PA

15 Diamond/Gold Crown Tables
1 Chevillotte Heated Slate Carom Billiards Table

Breaker's is not in the center of the city, but you can get to it easily by using the subway. It's only a 1 minute walk from the Potomac subway stop on the red line.

I showed up around 2:30pm. There were about 15 people in the room all included. Ten were matched up playing one-pocket, 3 were betting on the rail, and a couple of people were doing drills.
This room is owned by Paul Mottey who completely renovated it in 2003 when he bought the place.
Paul himself, as well as his son were there when I walked in. Paul was giving someone 10-7 and I think the bet was $50/rack.
One thing I really liked is the "Lounge".
It is separate from the poolroom, but when you sit at the bar, the back wall of the bar is windows into the poolroom - you can sit there with your rail-betting pals, drink, and watch and discuss the match out loud without bothering the players, who can't hear you.
Paul Jr. told me that these guys come in basically everyday to play one-pocket. They leave at about 6pm. The evening crowd is variable, but sometimes they get quite busy. They do run some big tournaments, including the PA State Championship from a couple of weeks ago.

 View from the "Lounge" - the back wall of the bar is just windows into the poolroom. 

Here from inside the poolroom, you can see the "lounge" and a Railbirdus  pittsburghiensis in its natural habitat

 Paul Mottey - He no longer makes cues, but he still plays one-pocket all the time. Here he is giving up 10-7 in a high-quality 1-hole match. 

Unfortunately, I did not get any direct pictures of the 10' heated slate Chevillotte 3-cushion table (although you can see it in the background of the Paul Mottey pic), but I did get to play (and win!) on it and it was basically perfect.

I liked this room a lot and the people there were friendly enough.

My ratings :

Location : 7/10
Character : 8/10
Tables : 9/10
Action : 8/10