Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cambodian pool - eyewitness news from Jonas

So my friend Jonas is currently undertaking a 7-week backpacking adventure through Asia, mostly in the south east.  I gave him my smartphone because he can make better use of it than me (plus it could be healthy for me to get used to not checking the internet every 4 seconds).  This allows him to upload pics on-the-fly and also to log his GPS coordinates so that his steps can be retraced for posterity.  Jonas left Germany about 2 weeks ago and has already been through a bit of Thailand and Cambodia, and now he is in Vietnam.  I highly recommend his blog (original German version - English version).
Of course, Jonas being a fellow billiard traveler, I have entrusted him to document any billiardly experiences he might chance upon along his way.  Here is his post from Siem Reap (right by Angkor Wat) where he encountered some locals shooting an intriguing game.  Here is a pic he emailed me from there, and a transcript from the English version of the post.

"Another addendum to yesterday : I lost $2 playing pool against the locals. An interesting variant in which all players (in this case, there were four players) get a certain number of cards. Each card represents the value of a ball (jack = 10, etc.), and the objective is to sink the balls corresponding to your cards - after each ball you sink you "play" the corresponding card. If an opponent has already played that card, it's worthless. Whoever has played the most cards wins. The next game is started by the winner of the first round. The order of the following players seems to be guided by the cards. For more detailed rules, the language barrier was too great and my budget too small."
 Also, notice that they are playing with american pool balls, on a small snooker-type table (you can tell from the rounded pockets and lower rail height).
Anyone play this or anything similar to it before?  It would be cool to get the full set of rules...
If you know of any other pool or billiard games that are played with a set of cards, I would love hearing about it.

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