Monday, April 12, 2010

Delft, NL Tips and tricks - Unusual (at least to me) bridge shot technique

So maybe this is a technique common in many places, but no one had showed me this one until last night in Delft, The Netherlands.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to use a bridge, shooting over the top of a ball, and the only bridge available is one of those X ones? I mean, the ones that are a simple cross, too low to shoot over a ball...
This situation happened last night while I was playing some 1-hole with Niels, the bartender out at the Snooker & Pool Palace. Niels simply grabbed the bridge cue, and held his left hand underneath the cue so that the butt of the cue and his knuckles were on the felt.

This allows for control of bridge elevation and doesn't seem to be very difficult to master. I tried it myself after seeing it and found it surprisingly stable and comfortable.

A bit more about the Snooker and Pool Palace:
14 American Pool Tables (Brunswicks, 9-foot, well maintained)
6 Snooker tables
6 Free dartboards
Full bar (cheap beers)
Open until 1am every day
Their busy season is November through April, because during the warmer months people tend to spend their time outdoors.

The local level is quite good - Niels says he ran 6 racks of 9-ball and has a top run of 46 in straight pool - Niels, if you are reading this, I know you are also a snooker player but just realized I did not ask you what your top break was!
A view of the Pool area:

A tough 1-pocket spot I put Niels in :

A view of the bar from the snooker area:

And of course, no trip to the Netherlands would be complete without windmills and tulips!

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