Monday, April 18, 2011

Kolby's Corner Pocket - Tempe, Arizona

Today's post : the best layover of all time!
I had been in Europe almost since the beginning of the year. I had long planned on being back in Pennsylvania to hang with my brother this week, but it turned out he had to take a business trip out to Santa Cruz. Luckily, my company has an office in San Francisco, and I had a standing invite to go out there for several business reasons - so I arranged to fly to SF with my brother (awesome!)
The flight plan was Philadelphia->Phoenix->San Francisco. We landed in Phoenix a half hour ahead of schedule,  and were promptly notified that our next flight would be delayed two and a half hours - DAMN!
Then I remembered that we were in Phoenix, and that there was quite a pool scene, especially in one-pocket . I quickly turned on the GPS on my phone, and found out that Kolby's Corner Pocket (home of Scott Frost, one of the best, if not the best one-pocket players in the world at the moment) was actually just 4 miles away. So naturally me and my bro hopped into a cab and headed out there in between flights.
After watching so many On The Rail TV live streams out of this pool hall, it was quite cool to be there in person. Preacher Ron (author of one of the best one-pocket shots ever recorded on camera - was there and wanted to shoot some cheap one-hole, so I obliged. He gave me 10-8 the first rack, and proceeded to easily destroy me. Then we adjusted to 13-8 and I took the second game, it was awesome. I was playing a bit over my speed and had some good rolls. The freshly re-felted 9-foot diamond was an absolute pleasure to shoot on, and everyone at Kolby's was super nice. Unfortunately we had to roll and after a rack or two with other players we packed up and left (with an order of hot wings that we ate in the cab :D)
Me with Preacher Ron
Tomorrow, I will meet with Mike from the Angle of Reflection blog in San Jose, on my way back up to San Francisco from Santa Cruz where I am at the moment with my brother.
So far, this California trip has been just perfect! Talk to you all soon...

Santa Cruz, California

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